Saturday, July 28, 2012

No Pain. No Gaines.

Ramsey had a follow-up recently with his surgeon, Dr. Barbara Gaines. He is doing so well! The surgery never slowed him down. Some swear that he's brighter and he's even had fewer problems in the poop department! (LOL, my sister and I were just questioning why our kids always talk about poop and now I'm doing it too) 

Dr. Gaines has been with us since day one. Looking back, it's great to see the transformation in her demeanor; it has everything to do with how far he has come.  We knew Dr. Gaines would likely perform Ramsey's surgery; hearing from several nurses that she would be THEIR choice to operate on THEIR child was a huge relief. Knowing that she had also completed surgery on my nephews and a friend's child was also encouraging. I remember the morning rounds, and specifically our conversation following Ramsey's repair. As her team stood behind her beaming from ear to ear, she remained quite serious, nevertheless pleased with the outcome of the surgery.  She knew he still had a lot of progress to make.

As the months have passed and Ramsey continues to do well, it is so awesome to celebrate with Dr. Gaines. She shares that big smile of relief. I look forward to our appointments and I would imagine that she does too- patients like Ramsey are a victory.  I was amused on the day of his recent surgery as she exclaimed, "this is so exciting"! I wouldn't have thought to use those words regarding my son's surgery, but in the scheme of things, it WAS exciting. Dr. Gaines was thrilled, even relieved, because she remembered how fragile he used to be. She knew all too well how things could and did change from moment to moment. She recalled the day he came closer to being placed on ECMO than anyone has ever come. The surgeons were prepped and ready until his oxygen improved so much that they realized, "this kid doesn't need ECMO". That's my amazing child for ya! 

Soon, Dr. Gaine's says we won't even have to worry about Ramsey. I assured her that will never happen. Still, it's good to know that from her expert standpoint, it will.