Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ramsey is such a happy baby. I've tried to express that in photos, but each time I grab my camera, he stops smiling. Thankfully, photographer Amie Brady was able to capture the twinkle in his eye!  Amie has been following Ramsey's blog from the beginning. She learned about him through a mutual friend. She knows what a miracle Ramsey is, and these photos convey that. When he smiles, I think he knows just how lucky he is; he's been touched by God!

Amie is based in Maryland but she returns to her PA roots a few times a year to schedule sessions with happy clients like me. Take a look at the sneak peek Amie provided of our recent session. These photos melt my heart and I can't wait to see the rest! My only wish is that Reed had been his normal, happy self. I'm afraid he might be affected by seasonal allergies.

Please visit Amie's website or Facebook page to see more of her portrait photography!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Life outside our home

On the bike trail with the "big" boys.
We ventured out with Ramsey a couple times last weekend, and plan to do so again this weekend. We took him for a walk on a local trail, and also to my parents (where we had a belated Mother's Day and Birthday celebrations). It's strange, feeling so scared to take him to the simplest places. We've had to be so cautious for so long that it's hard to not worry. While I still fear that he might get sick, my instinct is telling me that it's OK, and that it's good to be exposed to some germs.

Today, we met with a coordinator for Early Intervention. Ramsey will be evaluated on June 7 to determine if he has any developmental delays. It's possible that he could qualify based on diagnosis alone, however, I'm not sure how likely that is. Either way, I believe I'll be comfortable with their decision. If he is behind, it is not a significant delay (at least not in my opinion). In any case, it can't hurt to seek help if it will benefit him.

Sound asleep.

Did he just roll over, or is this just gravity?!

Ramsey wears his first pair of shoes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jaxson's Jog

Do you remember our visit during Ramsey's NICU stay from two CDH survivors? One of the visitors was Jaxson who turns 3 this week. To honor him, his family started a fundraiser called Jaxson's Jog. The race date is Saturday, May 28 (yes, I should have posted this sooner). Show your support by running or walking at the Allison Park event which benefits Global CDH.

CDH survivor Caleb, my son Reed, and CDH survivor Jaxson.

I had intended to create a team for Jaxson's Jog in honor of Ramsey, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to make it this year. I am looking forward to going next year with the whole family. Also, Dennis and I are hoping to create our own fundraiser in the near future. We know how touched we were when we were supported during Ramsey's CDH battle, and we want to to whatever we can to help others.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everything that I forgot...

I knew when I posted last night that I was forgetting something. Yesterday was such a long day. There are a few things I forgot to mention about his checkup. First and foremost, Ramsey now weighs 12lbs 3oz!! He no longer needs the monitor and although they haven't picked it up yet, I didn't even use it last night. I can't believe I have the confidence to willingly go without it, but I guess the last two months (with the exception of a couple false alarms) have proven that he is OK. We do have a motion monitor of our own that we will connect for some continued peace-of-mind.

Finally, the surgeon does think that Ramsey will need a "tummy tuck" to correct the bulge in his belly. However, she said that we will wait to do that until he's past the point of getting sick again, or reherniating. Basically, if he were to need another surgery, she could do the "tummy tuck" then. If not, then it will be an elective surgery done when he is 1 or 2, before he is old enough to be too traumatized. She said the stay would be 4-5 nights. I know he has been through much more than that, but still, I am not looking forward to that...probably because it will be difficult watching a toddler face surgery. We'll deal with that if/when it happens. He's surprised us in every other way, so maybe that belly of his will just flatten itself out!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Superboy!

Ramsey received great reviews from his surgeon at today's checkup. His X-Ray shows that the diaphragm is still arched on the affected side, but she doesn't feel it is indicating any signs of reherniation, just stretching.  She said Ramsey is a "Superbaby" and that it's hard to believe he is the same child she first saw when he arrived at Children's in January. She would like to see him again in two months; it's exciting to stretch out the time in between appointments! She agreed that with the warmer welcomes a chance to socialize him a little more. From my standpoint, this means we'll gain a little normalcy back in to our lives. We have been pent up for way too long and I can't wait to show him off, even if it takes baby steps.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My surgery went well, and although I certainly didn't expect to be recovering on the couch this Mother's Day, I can't complain. My own mother left yesterday after spending days helping out with the boys while I prepared for and recovered from the outpatient surgery. Swinging peacefully across the room is precious little Ramsey. His big brother Reed is with Daddy, working on completing a project that I've wanted done for a long, long time. Soon, we'll schedule my Mother's Day gift, a pampering massage. Life is good and I have so much to be thankful for!

Ramsey has his checkup tomorrow at CHP. He will have an X-Ray and appointment with his surgeon. In addition, he will have blood work and an Ultrasound done for the CDH study we're participating in. I will update after our appointment.

Happy Mother's Day! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish Me Luck!

After an ER visit last night (for me not the baby), I have outpatient surgery scheduled for this Friday to remove a cyst. (Doesn't that word just sounds gross!?) I'll be so glad to have this sudden source of pain gone, gone, gone!

Here are some Easter photos I didn't have a chance to share. Ramsey had some special visitors, one of which he slept through. I'm so glad a few of his cousins finally met him and held him for the first time!

Just look at that smile...such a happy baby!