Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everything that I forgot...

I knew when I posted last night that I was forgetting something. Yesterday was such a long day. There are a few things I forgot to mention about his checkup. First and foremost, Ramsey now weighs 12lbs 3oz!! He no longer needs the monitor and although they haven't picked it up yet, I didn't even use it last night. I can't believe I have the confidence to willingly go without it, but I guess the last two months (with the exception of a couple false alarms) have proven that he is OK. We do have a motion monitor of our own that we will connect for some continued peace-of-mind.

Finally, the surgeon does think that Ramsey will need a "tummy tuck" to correct the bulge in his belly. However, she said that we will wait to do that until he's past the point of getting sick again, or reherniating. Basically, if he were to need another surgery, she could do the "tummy tuck" then. If not, then it will be an elective surgery done when he is 1 or 2, before he is old enough to be too traumatized. She said the stay would be 4-5 nights. I know he has been through much more than that, but still, I am not looking forward to that...probably because it will be difficult watching a toddler face surgery. We'll deal with that if/when it happens. He's surprised us in every other way, so maybe that belly of his will just flatten itself out!!

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  1. God got him through everything else, and he will listen to our prayers and fix this also. Maybe I could get the tummy tuck for him. He has been our Miracle boy and he can continue to be. GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM....love you all.