Friday, May 20, 2011

Life outside our home

On the bike trail with the "big" boys.
We ventured out with Ramsey a couple times last weekend, and plan to do so again this weekend. We took him for a walk on a local trail, and also to my parents (where we had a belated Mother's Day and Birthday celebrations). It's strange, feeling so scared to take him to the simplest places. We've had to be so cautious for so long that it's hard to not worry. While I still fear that he might get sick, my instinct is telling me that it's OK, and that it's good to be exposed to some germs.

Today, we met with a coordinator for Early Intervention. Ramsey will be evaluated on June 7 to determine if he has any developmental delays. It's possible that he could qualify based on diagnosis alone, however, I'm not sure how likely that is. Either way, I believe I'll be comfortable with their decision. If he is behind, it is not a significant delay (at least not in my opinion). In any case, it can't hurt to seek help if it will benefit him.

Sound asleep.

Did he just roll over, or is this just gravity?!

Ramsey wears his first pair of shoes.


  1. My daughter was very late to roll over and sit up and qualified for PT services at 8 mos. It has been a Godsend. It really helped me to feel at ease knowing we had some help for her. Now at 18 months she is right on track. We Love Early Intervention.

  2. Well Lisa he is growing so fast so regardless of what they say you are doing a great job and will continue to do so.. He has beat every hurdle and is advancing beautifully!! He has two amazing parents that will do what it takes!!! Keep up the good work!!! Ruthie

  3. What wonderful pics ~ sounds like its time to meet the Sliva kids ~ look out Ramsey! LOL :)