Below is a review of some important dates to help navigate through the blog. Some of the links will take you to detailed posts instead of the actual date that the events occurred.

8-24-2010  CDH Diagnosis at first ultrasound
12-2-2010  Premature labor at 32 weeks, bedrest begins
1-12-2011  Ramsey was born at 2:38 pm at West Penn Hospital and weighed 5lbs. 13 oz.
1-19-2011  Ramsey was almost placed on ECMO
1-22-2011  A successful Surgery
1-26-2011  Ramsey was held for the first time by his mom and shortly after by his dad
2-9-2011  The sweetest little cry...Ramsey was extubated
2-16-2011  Held by his big brother for the first time
2-17-2011  Ramsey was placed on room air
2-19-2011  Surgical stepdown here we come!
3-3-2011  Ramsey reached his goal of being offered 65ml by bottle
3-7-2011  Look ma, no tubes! Ramsey's PE (NG) tube was removed
3-10-2011  The first breastfeeding attempt
3-11-2011  Ramsey was discharged. There's no place like home!
3-14-2011  Ramsey meets his pediatrician 
3-23-2011  Successful at exclusively breastfeeding
4-3-2011  Ramsey's final visit by a home nurse