Saturday, September 4, 2010

The News

Our first ultrasound on August 24, 2010 told us the good news...we are having another boy! Reed is going to be a big brother!  The sonogram also revealed something more- a hernia. My doctors recommended that we go to West Penn for a Level II ultrasound the following week, on August 30. Although concerned, we were convinced it would be another "false alarm" as we had when we were expecting Reed. (Measurements from Reed's sonogram indicated he might have Down's Syndrome, but fortunately, they were wrong).

At our appointment, we knew what to expect from the previous year. Genetic counseling, followed by the ultrasound. We had the same counselor and doctor who both remembered meeting us almost three years before. The counselor immediately asked what we had been told. We had only been cautioned that it looked like he had a hernia near his stomach. My online research revealed three types of hernias; the first two generally go away on their own, the latter is much more serious and it's called CDH. Immediately, we were told the sad news- it is in fact CDH  (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia). Ultrasound revealed that his stomach has herniated up into the chest, pushing the heart aside. Lung development is still unclear (at that point, we could only see one lung).

The Plan:
I will now deliver the baby at West Penn Hospital where I have been assigned a new doctor. The baby will be taken to Children's were surgery/surgeries will be performed. Throughout the remainder of the pregnancy, the baby will be monitored for signs of heart related distress and most importantly, for lung development. 

My next appointment at West Penn is September 30.  We are hoping to have a clearer picture of the lungs and also if any other organs have moved into the chest area. We will also meet with a pediatric cardiologist for an echo of the baby's heart.

Let's pray for encouraging news at this appointment and strength for each of us along the way.

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