Thursday, October 24, 2013

Magic in Every Breath

Often, we fail to appreciate the things we've never had to do without. 

Until Ramsey, I don't think I stopped to consider the significance of every breath we take. When I was 5 months pregnant with him, we vacationed in Disney. Though I was fearful he'd never take a single breath on his own, I made a promise to return with him in 3 years.  In September, we fulfilled that promise with a celebration of his life at Disney World. 

Even though I never wanted to be that family wearing matching shirts, I couldn't think of a better reason to do so.  So, I designed T's for all the guys and girls.  The ladies and kids shirts had a silhouette of Ramsey holding a Mickey balloon and said "Magic in Every Breath". The men's shirts were simple stated, "Life is a Gift".  

It was a celebration worth repeating!!

Our group in front of Animal kingdom's "Tree of Life"