Sunday, September 1, 2013

Treat him like his brother

It has been a great summer; it's hard to believe that it's back to school time already. Reed began Kindergarten and Ramsey, well he wishes he did too. He longs to ride the bus and shouts out, "Me School, Meee Schoool!". Today, he even insisted on wearing a backpack like big-bro.

Poor Reed- look how scared :(
Ramsey is set. Backpack, check.
PJ's check. Bed-head, check.

Ramsey pouted as the bus drove away without him.

We met with Ramsey's surgeon and she gave us great news; she doesn't need to see him until next in 12 entire months. Great, right? I bet you're jumping for joy. It IS good news, however, I liked those checkups. I liked the X-ray every 6 months that ensured me all his parts are still where they belong.

His Doctor went on to say I could treat Ramsey just like his big brother. That's great, but big brother doesn't have asthma, a crazy spinal anomaly, and the chance of reherniation. Small stuff compared to what he could be dealing with, still I worry. The truth is, I worry about his big brother now too. I do a better job at not sweating the small stuff, but I make up for it with my fear of the really big stuff...the stuff you never think could happen to you.

Ramsey is doing exceptionally well and I will never take that for granted.  Just look at him, he looks like he is ready for a marathon...

....OK, maybe he's almost ready ;) With determination like this, he has a great future ahead of him...