Monday, March 14, 2011

Ramsey's First Appointment

Today was Ramsey's first appointment at the pediatrician's office. We made it there in time, but not without the last minute rush that seems to occur with those first doctor visits. My car hadn't been driven since early December when my bed rest began. During those un-driven winter months a mouse apparently moved in! Dennis found a nest in the trunk and a hole that leads to my backseat. Needless to say, I didn't drive my car to the appointment.

I was relieved that no one else was there and we were taken straight to exam room. It's always a bit unnerving taking a "well" child to the doctor and with Ramsey it is even worse. Although, it was fun to take him there because I haven't been able to introduce him to many people outside of our immediate family and friends. Everyone seemed happy to meet our miracle. I can't wait until we can show him off a bit more!

Ramsey had a special visit yesterday by his Great Grandma Razza. I am so glad she was finally able to meet him and hold him.
My friend Dana set me up with the cutest goodies from her friend Sarah of S Schadler Boutique (see the pic above). Sarah made the boys tie tees, and a bunch of other sweet things for Ramsey...bibs, burp cloths and even leg warmers! She chose the cutest fabrics too. Check out her web page to see all of her great work for boys and girls too. I can't wait to have the boys photo taken in their tie tees!!

Bath time!

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  1. So glad all went well at the Dr. Great picture of Great Grandma Razza. Those big eyes, while getting his bath, really looks like Reed. Praying that God will continue to keep him well. We know he will.