Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CDH Angels

Throughout this difficult journey, we have met so many wonderful people. There are the outstanding employees of Children's who brought Ramsey to where he is today, the families of other patients enduring long stays at the hospital, and especially other CDH families who have reached out to us because they know what it is like to be in our shoes. 

Among those families are both earthly and heavenly angels. I was recently contacted by Erika, another CDH mom whose son Logan lost his battle with CDH.  She prayed to her son throughout Ramsey's journey that he might give him strength. I believe that he did, and that he continues to do so. Ramsey lies in his crib just calmly looking around and I can't help but believe that he is not alone. There are many angels watching over him.

Below is a Rascal Flatt's song Erika shared with me from "her angel to my soldier":

 I love the words to this song! 

Following is Logan's story which Erika was open enough to share. May God continue to bless her with the comfort of knowing Logan has a special job in heaven, watching over our earthly angels.

Logan Charles Minch ~ ~October 26, 2007~November 2, 2007

It has taken me almost a year and a half to finally find the strength to write Logan’s story.  My husband and I were ecstatic to find out we were pregnant with our second child.  My first pregnancy was completely normal and uneventful.  We assumed the second pregnancy would be just as easy.  Our first child was a year and a half, and she was a picture of health.  We went for our routine ultrasound at 19 weeks.  The tech. was very quite during the test, but did not seem to be concerned.  We found out we were having a boy, and were very excited to have one of each.  Within a half hour, our doctor called.  We were not home; therefore, missed the call.  The next day he called us.  We were prepared for bad news since he had called so quickly the day of the ultrasound.  He told us that our son had a rare condition called diaphragmatic hernia.  He referred us to Magee Women’s Hospital for further testing and genetic counseling.  On June 21st our fears were confirmed.  Logan had a 50/50 chance of survival since his stomach; all of his bowel, and part of his liver were in his chest.  We decided we were going to give him every shot possible.  After months of tests and consultations, Logan was born on October 26, 2007.  (2 weeks early.)  The NICU staff at Magee immediately resuscitated him.  I remember the neonatologist gave me a “thumbs up” shortly after his birth.  They quickly took him to the NICU to stabilize him before transferring him to Children’s Hospital.  I had to stay at Magee, but my husband went with Logan.  During the night, Logan had to be put on an oscillating machine, because he was not receiving enough oxygen on the ventilator.  Logan’s first few days were great.  He was doing well, and the doctors were optimistic about his prognosis.  His surgery was scheduled three days after his birth.  That Monday his levels did not look as good as they had been.  Surgery canceled.  Each day things slowly started to get worse.  Surgery was postponed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Finally, on Friday, Nov. 2, the doctors decided it was a now or never case.  They felt Logan was as stable as he would be for the surgery.  I kissed Logan on the head and went to the waiting room to start the wait.  After several hours, the head surgeon came out and explained that the actual surgery was a success; however, Logan was not rebounding as expected.  His left lung was the size of a grape, and his oxygen levels were extremely low.  We were asked to sign permission for him to be placed on ECMO.  Deep down I knew we were losing our son.  My husband kept telling me to not give up on him.  I guess it was a mother’s instinct.  The next thing I heard was the intercom paging a social worker to the NICU stat.  I knew it was for us.  She arrived and took us to a separate room where the surgeons came to meet us.  As Logan was being placed on ECMO he began to hemorrhage out of his right lung.  They were unable to save him.  We held our precious angel for the first time (tube free) shortly after his passing.  He was perfect on the outside.  I relive that day every day.  I pray to God that he is happy and healthy in heaven.  A year and one month after Logan passed, we welcomed a healthy baby girl.  Our girls will have a guardian angel watching them always.  I know Logan would have had so many problems.  He is now pain free in heaven. 


  1. Thank God that Erika could finally tell her story. How hard it must have been for them to lose their precious baby boy. It has to be a comfort to them to know that he is finally without pain. Knowing that he is looking down on their two girls must also be a blessing to them. You know God has a reason for everything. I will be praying for their family, and also that our Ramsey will soon be coming home. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

  2. That was such a emotional story...I can't even imagine. Lisa...Thank you for letting us go on this journey with you. It has been and still is amazing to see our God working in all of this. Our family still prays for Ramsey and your family and I hope the transition to home goes well. I hope to meet your boys someday!!

  3. Many hugs and prayers for Erika, her family, and her precious angel. Having a baby with CDH, you join a family of sorts .... you can't help but relate and understand deeply what the families are going through and you pray so hard for the new babies because you know ... you stood where they stand and prayed the same prayers. Almost every single day since I heard the words CDH, I cry tears of both happiness and sadness. I look at it as a gift. Life means so much more now.
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor

  4. Jennifer your words are so true - we stood in the same place, faced the same challenges and prayed the same prayers. And, crying both for joy and pain resonates with me as well.

    I feel blessed to be connected to so many other CDH parents who are willing to share their journey with other parents who are maybe dealing with hearing the news that their child has CDH or for those parents that are going through a NICU stay or for those parents that are dealing with a loss. There is a CDH family out there that has been through a similar journey and is willing to help. It's a powerful community of people who care. Thank you!

  5. Hi! My name is Stacey and I would love to talk with Erika if she agrees. I lost my little girl almost a month ago and I am looking for someone to talk to that has gone through the same thing. She can email me at
    Hope to hear from her. Thank you.

    By the way, Ramsey is just beautiful! Congrats!