Monday, February 21, 2011

Ramsey's First Bottle

Ramsey was offered his first bottle this morning by Speech Therapy, and this afternoon by Occupational Therapy. He was given 5 ML (around 1/4 ounce) each time and he drank it right up! They said it normally takes much longer to catch on. Each feeding was followed by his tube feed so that he would be hungry when they tried it, and so he would associate the bottle with eating, feeling full, etc. The second time he threw up shortly after the feeding was completed. Hopefully, that was just coincidence...I want things to continue to go smoothly!!

In case you missed my quick update a few hours ago, the liver looks good. We're still uncertain about the gallbladder. More blood was taken to check the billirubin and it is a bit higher than the last time they took it. He is looking more jaundice to me also. Surgery will discuss it in the morning but as of this morning they suggested we could try another ultrasound to see if the gallbladder shows up. It's possible that it was compressed during the first ultrasound. If it doesn't show up after the second ultrasound I think that they will do a test to see if it's there or not. I'm not certain how a missing gallbladder might affect a newborn, but all in all, I think it should be OK if he doesn't have one.


  1. So very excitied that Ramsey took his first bottle today..Way to go Ramsey!!

  2. Go Ramsey!!! I continue to pray for lil man and your family! My God continue to bless him.

  3. Glad to hear he took his bottle! He may have swallowed a lot of air and that made him throw up. No biggie!! Just the fact he took it is a great sign.

    Keep the great news coming,
    Chad Bender

  4. So happy he took his bottle. Remember, even though God has him in hands, we will have a few little upsets..Just remember it is all up to him and he is going to get him through this.. Praise GOD for all he has done this far, and what he will continue to do. Think positive Lisa, but I do know you are giving him all the credit. LOVE YOU

  5. Wow...that is great! It makes me want to do pediatrics..feeding babies sounds more fun than hand exercises! We are still not feeling good here...I am still not great and now maddie threw up today and does not want to eat! Avery seems fine now though. Hope to visit soon...but after we are not contageous!