Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday Review

Ramsey had his second day of taking a bottle. He took 15ml and did well again as far as sucking and drinking pretty quickly. OT allowed me to offer it this time in their presence. Hopefully soon they will let me or the nurse do it without them. I'm told to be prepared for a slow process as far as feeding and possibly some roadblocks. Hopefully Ramsey will do well and surprise everyone. I won't be too surprised since he has amazed me every step of the way.

He was due for a second session in the afternoon but he missed it when he went for a second ultrasound. They found the gallbladder this time so the jaundice is probably a result of the TPN. This would be the ideal situation, I think, because the medication they are giving him would correct the issue. Also, some of you have questioned why he is not being put under lights for the jaundice....this is a different type of jaundice, and apparently it is beyond that.

We are finally in a private room - yay!

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  1. God has been with him this far and he will continue to be with him until he is completly well. All the prayers that are being said for him are being answered by our GREAT GOD. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!