Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Morning - Day 35

Ramsey's MRI and ultrasound were both normal!! I expected them to be, but still, I'm so thankful that they were.

He is being transitioned to the bolus feeds by increasing his volumes.

Surgery has requested that he moves to their step down as soon as a bed is available. Of course, that will be a wonderful move because it means he is doing better- still it's a bit sad to leave this floor that we are so comfortable with and everyone that has cared for him along the way. We will always be grateful for their help and the awesome care they provided Ramsey!


  1. Praise God for Ramsey's progress and the people God has placed in your life along the way! Celebrating your blessings with you! Paula

  2. Praise God. It is wonderful news!!

  3. Oh - Lisa, just keep all the good news coming!! I know what he should be for his first Halloween - Superman!!!