Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Morning - Day 34

Ramsey will be given 16 ML feeds by today's end. Next, they will start bolus feedings, most likely 3 times/day.  Bolus feeding provides a larger amount of milk all at once, instead of gradually throughout the day. This will help to stretch his stomach and prepare him for bottle feeds.

He is currently on room oxygen. Today, they will try turning it down to 1/2 Liter so we are getting very close to removing the nasal cannula!

Ramsey's current weight is 6lbs. 9 oz. He is in the 7th - 10th percentile.  When his swelling was bad, he was at the 75th percentile.


  1. Such wonderful news.Ramsey you are an amazing little boy who is full of life and will be loved by so many people around you and by some you may never meet.Keep fighting.Sending love and prayers always!

  2. Thank you Jesus. Like I said everyday it gets better. God is taking good care of all of you.I LOVE YOU