Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Night

Ramsey finally woke up this afternoon and we had a great day.  Grandma Razza got to hold him on Sunday, and today my mom got to hold him- I'm so happy they finally got to hold him after nearly a month! I'm sure the rest of the family is also looking forward to holding him for the first time!

Grandma Barnhart

Grandma Razza
Ramsey was awake for much of the afternoon and I enjoyed my time rocking him and telling him stories. Tonight, I helped bathe him again and held him a little longer.

His feeds are back up to 2 ML- so far, so good. His vent is still at 22. They'll need to lower the pressure a bit but we are so close to extubating!

Tonight, I want to close with the best card Ramsey has received, written by 9 year old Caleb (the CDH survivor whom we met in person a couple weeks ago). Thanks Caleb- we loved your card and it brought tears to my eyes!

Dear Ramsey,

Welcome to the club. The CDH club. Your trophy is a big scar across your stomach. Congratulations! Your mom will always be worried about you but still love you the way you are.

From your new buddy,


  1. oh how precious....not sure who could read that and not get emotional?? looks like two happy grammies :)

  2. Lucky Grandmothers! I know I can't wait to hold him. Make sure you get one of Pappy Barnhart when he comes in. You sound like you feel better. Love you all.

  3. SO AWESOME.......NORM

  4. :-)!!!!
    Love & Prayers,
    Bobbi Lynn

  5. YEAH! I see some very happy Grandma's and have read the words of a very happy Mommy! Sending many prayers! ~~ Paula

  6. God is so good! So much love. Thank you Jesus!