Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Night

It's so exciting to see Ramsey's tubes and wires decreasing in number. Holding him gets easier each time one is removed. Ramsey no longer needs morphine! It's been several days since he was given any medications, except for the breathing treatments (which may continue for the rest of his life). His feeds are up to 13 ML. By Wednesday morning, we should be at our goal of 16 ML, then we may begin offering a bottle. Occupational Therapy worked with him today for the first time. They will continue to do so every day, and they encourage us to work on his therapy a few times a day also. His rooting and sucking reflexes are good. His gag reflex needs a little work, but that is common. I hope he does well with these exercises and that he can handle swallowing and digesting once the bottle is introduced!

When Ramsey was diagnosed with CDH, something special happened. Amidst the fear and uncertainty of his future, I suddenly became closer to the people I care about. I found that I opened up to other's more, and they did the same. Suddenly, we were saying "I Love You" even if we had never said those words before. We realized what really matters in life, and we owe it all to Ramsey! Valentine's Day will come and go, but we should all continue to let other's know we care, especially if they don't expect to hear it!


  1. Good news again. Everytime you write it's better. You know Lisa, I have been telling you I LOVE YOU for a long time. I know what you are saying though, as I know it is coming from everyone now. Praise God!!!

  2. This is wonderful news, Lisa! Part of the reason I studied OT was to witness the miracles that occur in the patients we serve. Thanks for sharing the daily updates on Ramsey's progress and your hopes and fears along the way!

  3. Beautifully said, sometimes the most caring people in the world don't know how to express or except the love they hold for each other. Nothing else is as important. Ramsey is a blessing and will always be special and you have become so wise and special to us as well. God Bless you and stop making me cry... a good cry although!!!