Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Night

Ramsey rested all day, and now it's my turn!

Following is a poem written by 17 year old Chelsea Croner. Chelsea hopes to have a career helping children and was inspired by Ramsey's story.

Mommy's Strong Soldier

Mommy I'm crying out for help.
But only in my head.
I'm lying here patiently in my bed,
listening to every word that is being said.
The nurses keep whispering,
What are they saying?
Mommy will they help me get better?
Both her and I are hoping and praying.

Visitors and family ask when I am coming home.
No one really knows.
I've been in this hospital for almost a month.
Although it seems like a while,
then i see my mommy's smile.
She makes anything worthwhile.

I'm getting surgery today.
This is another step closer
It's taking time, tick tock tick tock.
God I cant wait for this to be over.
I don't think I can take this.
I'm pretty much a wreck.
Well hey; I'm only 3 weeks.
What do you expect?

This has been a long journey.
And I'm still going through it
I'm not alone though, I have a great family and much support
I will keep on fighting, I will not quit.
No one is perfect in this world.
Everyone has flaws.
Keep trying and keep your head up when you fall.
Mommy, you've done alot, I give you appreciation.
I wont hesitate to help you with any problem that you're facing.
Whether I'm young or older,
I promise, I'll always be your strong soldier


  1. That is a beautiful poem Chelsea. Yes, Ramsey is a Strong Soldier and he's making Dennis and Donna stronger right along with himself! Stay strong...everyone is praying for all of you. Love ~ Cousin Joyce

  2. Very good, Chelsea. I hope you are feeling better Lisa. You have to take care of yourself also. You must stay strong for Ramsey also. Still praying for all of you. Love you. God is good!!!!