Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Morning

Ramsey pooped last night! Hopefully he keeps it up. They are planning to increase his feeds to 3 ML an hour.

The nitric is turned off and they made some big changes on the vent. The vent's rate was lowered to 36 (down from 42) and this time, they increased his pressure support to 10 (up from 6). They think he is breathing well on his own, so lowering the vent will allow him to do so, but increasing the pressure will give him added support when needed.

I am running home tonight to pick up some things for Ramsey and have a night at home with Dennis and will be good for Reed! I hope I can handle being away. I know I will worry, but he is in good hands here. I guess, as the rest of the family has discovered already, it is hard being here, but it's also hard being away.

I'm so thankful for a wonderful staff here at Children's and also for wonderful friends and family. We are so fortunate for their support! Thanks to my mother, and Dennis' mom in particular, for staying here to help with Reed so that we can attempt to give him a little normalcy at this time.  And when we can't be together, it's good to know we have many options for his care - with our parents, with his sitter (thanks Frank and Betty), or with other friends/family members who have offered to help. We couldn't do this alone and we will never take their support for granted.


  1. Ramsey and I now have something in common

  2. yippee for the poop. things like poop, burps and passing gas are VERY important in the NICU.

    ;) Stacy