Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night - Day 30

Ramsey had trouble sleeping today. With the help of medication this afternoon, he quickly fell asleep. I just woke him to bath him at 10 PM. I'm fearful that he will not fall back to sleep and although I want to hold him in the worst way, I'm giving him a little time first to see if he will fall asleep on his own.

Children's offers so many awesome events for children and adults. Many times, grandma takes Reed to the events, but this week, I joined him at the Family Life Carnival. Reed had so much fun, especially catching rubber ducks. I think I need to invest in a water table and fish net this summer...the pictures say it all!   Thanks to Children's for taking these great photos that I copied from their Facebook page.  Also, thanks to Project Sunshine for helping with the event. Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization that provides free educational, recreational, and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges.

Tonight, the special event was for the adults at a Coffeehouse Night just for Valentine's Day. They offered complimentary massages, which of course I looked forward to all day. They were 10 minute massages offered by about 6 volunteers. Lucky for me, I scored a 20 minute one from massage therapist Rita Lach of the North Hills. Thanks Rita!! They also had live entertainment, drinks and desserts. I thought I was living the glamorous life until I went to tuck Reed in and he clogged the toilet! So much for my relaxation!!

Ramsey is looking half asleep now...I may just have to rock him to sleep :)


  1. What a wonderful place that hospital is. They offer so much to keep everyone entertained. Pictures are great. It gives you a little time to think about something besides your angel baby.Nice hearing that he is still improving. I wait to hear the good news about him...continue to report how great he is doing. Give both of your boys a kiss for me.

  2. Lisa...everythig sounds is nice to get a little break...enjoy those free massages...and so glad Ramsey is doing better each day...miss you!