Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night

Ramsey's bottle was increased by 5 ml for a total of 35 ml. This allowed his bolus to be reduced to 30 ml. He took each of his bottles well, except for one of the first ones; I tried to burp him halfway through and he lost all interest in finishing it. It took awhile, but he eventually drank it all. It's possible that he could reach a plateau when it comes to the bottle...I hope not! I pray he can reach his goal of 65 ml and gain the weight he needs in order to go home!


  1. I'm sure his little mouth is SO cute drinking from a bottle. We'll be praying for you all constantly! ;)

  2. We are all praying , and we know God is still holding him in his arms. He will get you through this, and soon you will be taking him home. Be strong Lisa. My prayers are for you also. I love you and I know things will get better.