Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday - Day 46

Ramsey's oxygen was removed early this morning. He took his bottles well! If he keeps it up we should be at our goal in just 4 days!!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted photos. I will work on some new ones of Ramsey this week. The first two, below, were taken today and that is why the nasal canula is still there. These are some more "firsts" as family and friends get to hold Ramsey in their arms.

Pappy Razza and Ramsey

Aunt Dina and Ramsey

Aunt Donna and Ramsey
Uncle Alan and Ramsey
Alan, Elaine, Denise and Ramsey
Cathy, a loyal blog follower and friend with Ramsey


  1. It is such a joy to see the pictures of Ramsey. He sure is a sweet little guy, hope to meet him and the rest of your family someday when we get a chance to see your Aunt Mannetta again!!

    Mary Ann

  2. its so exciting to watch Ramsey thrive and grow.. it brings tears to my eyes everytime I come to read about him. So happy to hear he's off the oxygen and how great to see all the pictures.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Nice to see cousins Donna and Dina and Uncle Armand. Ramsey is doing great...thanks for the updates and pictures. Love to ALL of you ~ Michigan Cousin Joyce

  4. Jennifer Holmes/Charlie's MomFebruary 28, 2011 at 8:02 PM

    I wanted to post the other day after I read an update about bottle feeding and then got sidetracked. We worked hard round the clock on getting the bottle feeding going just like you are. It wasn't even 48 hours after Charlie bottle fed our goal 1 time that we were sent home. He pulled his NG tube out 2x's that day and I had been telling them all along that I didn't want to take him home with it. Over the next 6 weeks I was able to completely eliminate bottle and only breastfeed. I thought we would never get there. Don't get discouraged on days where the feedings are not as good. He is doing so well!!!!!Your getting closer every day to taking him home:)

  5. Avery was so excited to "finally see Ramsey's eyes." He is so cute!

  6. Wow, is he ever precious looking!