Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Night

Ramsey had a full day today. He had OT twice. The first time we woke home for his therapy and he didn't do the greatest, but he redeemed himself for his afternoon session! We were given a list of exercises to do with him. I tried them tonight, and it was fun to see/feel how well he was latching on.

They are preparing for the day Ramsey might be discharged in case he catches on fast to his bottle feedings! They did an ultrasound of his kidneys to make sure some fluid that was there previously is gone. Also, they are currently doing an MRI of his head just to be sure he is OK after everything he went through, although he hasn't shown any signs of problems. We'll probably have the results of both of those tomorrow.

Ramsey mat have pulled his ND tube out a little however they were going to pull it into his stomach anyway, so they didn't do an X-Ray to know for sure. I can tell you, he wants the feeding tube and nasal cannula out in the worst way!!


  1. Will be praying that the tests will all be OK. I know they will be.I understand Reed was glad to see him. Did he get to hold him? Seems strange that such a little one can do therapy. We must just keep trusting in GOD. He will take care of him.. I LOVE YOU ALL.

  2. Ramsey had OT...yippee! Hope he loves his therapist! Sounds like he is doing great...I cannot believe the progress that he has made in a month...truly a miracle!
    Hope to be down to visit soon...sorry that I didn't make it last weekend but you certainly do not need any germs! Take care! XOXO Robin