Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Night

Ramsey is being given a very small constant supply of milk. Each hour, he receives 1 ML. So far, he seems to be digesting it well. Let's hope that continues!

The nitric oxide was weaned again today and will probably be off tomorrow. His vent was turned down to 43, but after another high CO2 at dinnertime, it was turned back up to 45. It may just be a slow process, getting him off the vent. Surprisingly, his last CO2 was lower (which is good), so maybe tomorrow will be a better day as far as that goes. I'd like to see some successful weaning on the vent.

Tonight I felt so bad for him as he shook due to withdrawal. Luckily, it didn't last long and he didn't need anything to get over it.


  1. Lisa, I can imagine how upset you are with these small setbacks,but remember GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. He is doing so much for our baby so far, and he will continue to do so. I know he is keeping you and Dennis strong. PRAISE GOD

  2. Lisa I remember the withdrawal. Caleb shook and had goosebumps. It was sad but really only lasted a day or two. Let them give him whatever he needs to feel better. So glad that he is getting some milk. Caleb didn't get any for over a month and his belly didn't know what it was missing.
    :) Stacy