Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ramsey is such a happy baby. I've tried to express that in photos, but each time I grab my camera, he stops smiling. Thankfully, photographer Amie Brady was able to capture the twinkle in his eye!  Amie has been following Ramsey's blog from the beginning. She learned about him through a mutual friend. She knows what a miracle Ramsey is, and these photos convey that. When he smiles, I think he knows just how lucky he is; he's been touched by God!

Amie is based in Maryland but she returns to her PA roots a few times a year to schedule sessions with happy clients like me. Take a look at the sneak peek Amie provided of our recent session. These photos melt my heart and I can't wait to see the rest! My only wish is that Reed had been his normal, happy self. I'm afraid he might be affected by seasonal allergies.

Please visit Amie's website or Facebook page to see more of her portrait photography!


  1. Oh Lisa-- These are MARVELOUS! What a sweet couple boys you have. Ramsey's smile is worth a million bucks! ~Janna

  2. What beautiful pictures. What a happy baby. God sure has blessed us. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

  3. LOVE these! They are so sweet!

  4. Great photos!! Happy to see Ramsey doing so well!!