Thursday, December 16, 2010

At Home

It's so good to be home! Funny how different my own house looked after being gone for two weeks.

We're so thankful for the help of our family and friends. We couldn't do this without them, especially our mothers who have already been a great help watching Reed and doing whatever they can to keep me resting. We have plenty of volunteers to watch Reed, to cook, shop, or whatever it takes to help us out and we appreciate every offer.

A few people have questioned why we had the amnio done. The amnio was completed to rule out any chromosomal issues that are common in CDH babies. They could have discovered anything ranging from Down's Syndrome to more severe problems that could have indicated a zero percent chance of survival. The surgeons at Children's highly recommended the amnio to rule out any of those life-threatening problems...if that had been the case, they would have known that surgery wasn't an option. So, while we still face the certainty that Ramsey will be born needing immediate care to treat his CDH, we thank God that the amnio didn't reveal any additional problems.


  1. You have a wonderful attitude and I can see the Lord in your life. God will see you through and we continue to pray for His guidance and His miracle.

  2. Enjoy being home and there are a lot of things you can do while on bed rest and feel productive. Message me if you want to be involved with any of the CDH studies - they can use the amio for that! Less evasive and there are two studies that are ongoing...

    Sending thoughts, prayers & Lung Function Chants,