Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is CDH Genetic? Pray for Tyler!

Today I have a prayer request for my second cousin's son, Tyler. Tyler was born almost a month ago and was admitted to Children's yesterday where they determined he has CDH. Apparently, the defect is a small one which allowed him to do OK until now when part of his intestines herniated. Please pray for Tyler and his family. Surgery is expected this week. I am hopeful that he will have a quick recovery and will be home in the arms of his loving family asap. But for now, I know he is in good hands.

Of course, I can't help but wonder if there is a connection to our son's diagnosis. If there is a genetic link, I hope that families like ours might be able to help to researchers determine that link.


  1. Do you know about the Mass General Study? They will definitely want you guys to contact them...

  2. Prayers for Tyler, and his family. From Ramsey's (LCDH)
    Grandma Razza

  3. Lisa, prayers for Tyler and his family. How blessed they are to have you as a resource. Are you aware that Alina's family are expecting their second baby and that he has CDH as well?

    I can't email you from your blog link because it says my default mail server is not properly connected - and I am just not smart enough to rectify that situation. :) Send me a note if you'd like to Can't wait for Ramsey's superman pics! lol

    Corinne, mama to Samuel

  4. Adding Tyler to our prayer list. Please keep us updated. Its such a miracle that he's done so well unti this point. You guys are always in our prayers