Friday, June 22, 2012

Post-Surgery Update

Today wasn't easy for our buddy. I've never seen Ramsey in so much pain. They suspended his epidural and when he awoke, he was feeling pretty rough. They gave him Oxycodone just prior to stopping the epidural, but he needed something more and when we tried to administer Morphine, his IV wasn't working. Luckily, as we waited for a new IV, he settled enough that we didn't have to give the Morphine. By this afternoon, he was finally happy enough to bear the pain. They removed the epidural, the catheter and all that other junk he was carrying around. With his new-found freedom, and better mood, we were even able to take him for a short walk and visit to the playroom. Hopefully we can bring him home this weekend.

We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House the night before the surgery. It was fun to have Ramsey stay there with us for the first time. Both Reed and Ramsey were so excited, you'd have thought we were on vacation. Ramsey decided crawling under the sofa bed was a good idea...

We played a bit the morning before the surgery at RMH and in the pre-surgery waiting area. Thank goodness for these distractions because Ramsey was HUNGRY!

Even Daddy had a good time in the playroom!

This is me as the marshmallow man

Wednesday night, RMH hosted a luau on the patio complete with entertainment. As you can see Reed had such a good time he didn't make it to see the end of the party...

This photo is begging for a caption!

We even had dinner with Case and Liz...we love them!
As always, being at the hospital helps to bring things into reminds me how blessed I am. I look around and see other patients and their families enduring unimaginable and varied trials. I witness spoken and unspoken pain. Sometimes, the aching is even hidden behind a smile. Still, I see goodness, and joy found in healing and in miracles and I remind myself once again, how lucky I am to be taking Ramsey home.

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  1. So glad he is feeling better!! Poor lil booger! Hopefully this is y'all's last hospital visit for a while.