Saturday, December 1, 2012

I wonder

I'm surprised by how much time has past since I last blogged. Even more amazing to me is that Ramsey will be two soon- January 12! December 2nd will mark the Anniversary of my preterm labor and the bed rest that followed. It's hard to believe that I rested for 6 weeks. I have to admit, that sounds pretty appealing right now!

I wonder if Ramsey remembers anything from the beginning. Maybe remember isn't the right word, but I question if he already knows what a miracle he is. I love introducing him to people who prayed for him along his journey. Often, they notice how his smile rarely fades. Recently, he visited our dear friend, 95 year old, Miss Honey. I love how easily he brings joy to others. That smile of his is contagious!

Ramsey loves dishing out hugs and kisses, but he doesn't like to be held. I wonder if that's just the type of person that he is, or if his NICU experiences made him that way.

Tonight, he fell and got a little "boo boo" (one of his favorite words). He wouldn't let me comfort him. Instead, he ran away crying. I just wish he'd let me cuddle him! I suppose his toddler energy has something to do with it as well. Even with all the chairs pushed in, he still manages to sneak up on the dining room table and give the chandelier a little swing or throw some food into my centerpiece. He's quick!

Several weeks ago, before the weather turned cold, we had some fun times playing in the backyard. The boys loved the leaves....

As the sun set and we headed inside, Reed and Ramsey ran together through the yard. And it hit me. That was THE MOMENT...the moment Dennis and I both imagined nearly two years ago. On that day we knew for certain that Ramsey would survive. That just might have been my favorite day in the NICU- learning he was out of the woods.

These are a few of his favorite things:




Doc McStuffins!


  1. Nice update, it's all good, not like two years ago. Looking forward to years with our Happy, Healthy, Grandson's. Hopefully no bumps in the road.
    Love You,
    Gram Razza

  2. Wonderful Lisa. He is such a special little boy to everybody!

  3. Parker is no snuggler either!! I wonder so often if it is NICU or just fiestiness.
    Love that those boys are running in the yard. LOVE the Mickey suit. Hooray for Ramsey!