Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some photos and updates

This week we went to Children's for their opinion on Ramsey's head. With his level of flatness, they had no question that he would qualify and benefit from a helmet. He will be fitted for it shortly and the helmet will be ready a few weeks after that. The helmets are lightweight styrofoam. They say that babies adjust to them quickly, as if it's a normal part of them. Most children need to wear them anywhere from 3-6 months until the shape of the head is corrected. If we weren't to wear the helmet, he could have issues down the road with wearing helmets for safety such as bicycle helmets or football helmets. The issue is not just that it's flat in the back, it is pushed up and also towards the front of his face. I would never want him to be picked on over the shape of his head or to have any future problems based on the shape of it. Am I thrilled about his need to wear a helmet all summer long? No. But in the scheme of things, I know this really is not a big deal.
This photo will be a perfect "before" photo!

Ramsey's next checkup is his 6 month well-visit with his pediatrician. His surgeon is away for most of July, so his checkup at Children's will now take place in August.

Here are some more photos that I should have posted a long time ago!
"Ant I cute?" I just love this hoodie and onesie!

Ramsey meets Mr. Potato Head

Cuddle time


  1. Lisa, thank you so much for your encouragment comment on my blog. May God continue to bless you as much as He has with your children. I love reading about CDH babies who survived. I don't know what our future holds, but I'm honored that God trust's me to go through this with Him. Take care and I hope to get to know you more through blog. Sarah K.

  2. Love the pictures! Will be praying Ramsey adjusts well to his helmet and that it will do the trick!

    Paige Lincoln

  3. What beautiful pictures. We all know that he will do well with the helmet. Our God got him through all the hard times, so this is just a small step. With all the prayers going up for him and your family, we know GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF IT ALL. Love you all.

  4. I am so glad Ramsey is getting his little head in shape. After all construction baby, (as Reed calls him ) may some day wear a construction helmet. Those two together really warm my heart. Love To All, Gram R.