Monday, August 15, 2011

I can't complain

Last week added a new challenge to an already difficult year; Reed broke his leg! While it certainly makes things a little harder and I'm sure people will question why I have one son in a helmet and one in a cast, how could I complain? I am blessed to have both of my boys to hug and squeeze each day. Soon, Reed's leg will heal and given time, Ramsey will cease to wear his helmet.

Ramsey had a checkup today with his surgeon from CHP and the report was great! His diaphragm, (although somewhat curved) looks better than it did the last time. Lung growth also looks good. She cautioned us that this winter could still be rough on him. We are to bring him to the ER at the first sign of sickness or croup. Reed starts preschool so preventing the spread of germs could be a real challenge. We agree with her advice to give preschool a try; if the boys keep getting sick, we may need to keep Reed home. If nothing else, we could send him during the warmer months and keep him home for the winter. I trust that we'll know what to do when that time comes.

Within the last two weeks, the CDH community has suffered the loss of too many babies. I believe there were at least 7 children (that we know of) that earned their wings. My prayers are with each of their families. I wish there was some way to alleviate their pain.


  1. My prayers are also with those CDH familys with angels. Prayers also for Ramsey that he has a sick free Fall and Winter. Thanks for the updates.
    Gram R.

  2. Don't know how I missed the recent update. I spent time with the boys on Tue, with Gram and Pappy Barnhart. What a wonderful time. They are amazing. Ramsey with his helmet, and Reed with his cast, still smiling and having a good time. We know that God is blessing these boys. PRAISE GOD!!!!