Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just in Time

Ramsey got his helmet last week, just in time for Steelers Training Camp. I'm sure if we took him to Saint Vincent to watch one of the practices, somebody would ask where we got it. The helmet is intended to correct his Plagiocephaly, a big word that means flat head. We chose the camo pattern, but many people do decorate them like a football helmet. Some samples we were shown include a tire, with the words, "Fixin' my flat" and watermelon slices on a helmet that says, "Don't touch my melon".  I do have plans for the helmet which you'll have to wait for...nothing that funny, but something just perfect for Ramsey. It's surprising how the helmet is already starting to correct the shape of his head, it is starting to fill out in the back! Luckily, although he wears it 23 hours a day, he doesn't even mind.


  1. He is just to cute ! I may be a little partial.
    Gram Razza

  2. He is soooo cute! What a contagious smile!

    - Paige Lincoln

  3. Lisa - Just wait... 11 more years and you won't be able to get another head helmet off of him, when he and Reed go nuts with football in the yard! He looks great and I love the chunky chin rolls. Baby chub is beautiful!
    Best, Maren :)

  4. Just saw the picture. Saw him yesterday, and he looks so cute. Our chubby little angel is sure a gift from GOD...He is growing so fast. Praise God for all he is doing for him and for us.

  5. He looks too cute! I take it that Dennis got to pick out the helmet! Love you guys...uncle danny