Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blog Stew

In this jumbled head of mine are many things that I've been meaning to blog about. Since I'm way behind, please enjoy my "blog stew" packed with hearty news and sweet photos.

This was the best Thanksgiving ever! It was a rough year on many levels, but in the end, what matters is how blessed we really are. We celebrated the day with my family as well as my husband's family. It's always a busy day driving from place to place. I always feel like there's not enough time at either home, but really it's a good problem to have. So many are alone and/or mourning the loss of those they care about over the holidays. I thank God that nobody was absent from our day, especially Ramsey. 

Reed and Ramsey, Thanksgiving 2011

I will not show you my new teeth!

Look at me go

Tyler is Home!
Thanks to each of you who prayed for my cousin's son, Tyler, who also has CDH. Tyler is now happily spending his time at home with his parents. Once again, we thank God for his blessings. We are fortunate that he and Ramsey both made a great recovery. I'm looking forward to the day they can meet and we can take photos of our superbabies together! 

Ramsey's Milestones
As you can see in the photos above, Ramsey is done wearing the helmet. He had to stop wearing it due to the spinal anomaly that was just discovered. Fortunately, it rounded out pretty well and should continue to even without the helmet.

Ramsey is quite the mover these days. He has mastered the army crawl. He can rock back and forth on all fours, but hasn't gotten the hang of crawling with his belly off the ground. His PT is working with him to strengthen his stomach muscles. 

Our little guy finally has teeth! The first two appeared the day after Thanksgiving, one on top and one on the bottom (too bad they don't meet)! His other front tooth is just about ready to make its appearance. Maybe next he'll grow some more hair - LOL. Dennis says he has the opposite of a comb-over because it all sweeps forward.

Our Calendar Boy
Ramsey is featured on two calendars that not only raise awareness, but they benefit their respective organizations. Breath of Hope's 2012 Faces of CDH calendar features Ramsey on his birth month, sporting his superman cape.  I believe Ramsey also appears in CHERUB's calendar which features over 1050 children and adults born with CDH. There are so many kids, I couldn't find him!

Breath of Hope 2012 Faces of CDH Calendar
Baby Jude
A great thing about the CDH community is the support we provide one another. Rose Morrison delivered her son Jude today. Please prayer for baby Jude, Rose, her husband Brian and their daughter Annabelle as they begin this difficult journey. You may visit her blog at http://babymorrison2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. I've been thinking about him and wondering how he is doing. Thank you for the up date and I know you are going to have the best Christmas ever. Merry Christmas! And a Happy Blessed Healthy New Year! Bernie