Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today's Appointment with Neurosurgery

I feel much better after today's appointment!  We met with the chief of Neurosurgery at CHP about Ramsey's spinal anomaly. He said he wanted to see Ramsey today to evaluate him as a basis for monitoring him. If it wasn't for the CT scan, he said he wouldn't have suspected any problem. Children with a fusion such as Ramsey's (C1 to skull) often go without any treatment. In other cases, surgery is needed. We will follow up with neurosurgery a year from now to have them reevaluate Ramsey. In the meantime, if we have any questions or concerns we are to call them. The potential problem is that as he grows, there could be a curve in his neck causing his head to lean to one side. From what I've read there could be other issues such as headaches or limitations like avoiding contact sports. Obviously, those issues would years down the rode. Now, all is good and that makes me very glad.


  1. Praise God!!!!God sure does answer prayers. He is such a happy little boy.. I knew he would be OK. I will continue Praying. Love you all.

  2. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!