Monday, March 12, 2012

That Smile...

Tonight, I wanted to write to commemorate the day we brought Ramsey home, one year ago. I launched iPhoto only to realize that we brought him home one year ago....YESTERDAY.   I'm glad there were no fact-checkers around to criticize me for the last 60+ days as I promoted our Ronald McDonald Collection to end on the 12th, the day of his supposed discharge.

Maybe I did forget the exact date (I'll blame that on the exhaustion of a two month hospital stay), but I will never forget the joy, the fear and the anticipation of bringing Ramsey home. It was so exciting to see our sons together in the backseat for the first time. I still find myself grinning with joy when I catch a glimpse of them side by side in my rear-view mirror.

The smile on Reed's face as we drove home is one I will never forget...
And Ramsey, took him a bit to settle into this place we call home...
 Until peacefully, he slept in his own crib, 366 days ago.


  1. Oh my. That last picture just made me totally swoon. Like my belly dropped out a little. So beautiful. And Lisa, I love your recounting of that day. Made me all teary. Congratulations, Ramsey, on 366 days of home.


  2. Hooray for one year!!! Such an awesome milestone! I love your boys' sweet faces.

  3. I've got tears streaming down my face. As a family that is in the thick of it all right now (still in the NICU), reading about coming home...welp, just gives me hope. Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. I dream of that day for you too and I am glad to give you hope through Ramsey.