Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18 Ultrasound

The good news is that the stomach and bowels are still the only thing herniated, there is no sign of distress, and my amniotic fluid is still within normal range. The one negative is that the lung-to-head ratio is .92. (The lung-to-head ratio, or LHR, is a numeric estimate of the size of the fetal lungs, based on measurement of the amount of visible lung.) An estimate over 1.4 can indicate a 100% chance of survival, and anything under .6 is bad.  Ramsey falls right about in the middle. We are thankful that the liver has not herniated and we're not going to worry too much about the LHR. They say it's not always accurate, and who knows, it could keep improving. The doctor said it was better than the last time.

Our appointment with Children's is Monday, November 29. That same week, on Thursday, December 2 we'll return to West Penn for an Ultrasound, some type of heart monitoring, the amnio and the fetal MRI. That will be a long day but hopefully we'll get good results from the tests, especially the MRI. It will allow them to see the lungs in greater detail.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time with family...


  1. I know its easier said than done, but try not to get too caught up in the numbers. Stay positive and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

    Much love and prayers, Patty
    mom to Charlie, 2/4/09, LCDH survivor

  2. Thanks Patty! I'm not letting the numbers get me down!!

  3. Like you said LHR is not the most reliable, but, those are some good LHR numbers :)

    You take care after that amino! You'll get a little crampy after, so take it easy. I look forward to hearing more. Good luck at your visit down Children's, keep me posted :)