Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ramsey joins Facebook

I want to thank my new friend Kate Crawford for creating a facebook page for Ramsey!  Through the page, I have already connected with many CDH mother's who are sharing their stories and offering their prayers. Please visit the page to read their encouraging comments, and follow the page by clicking "Like".

I was introduced to Kate after seeing an interview on the local news. Kate's daughter, Shannon died from a combination of CDH and HLHS. Kate met two other mothers whose children were also born with CDH. The three came together for comfort and support. They started filling gift bags with items that they wished they had or needed during their stay in the hospital. The three gave name to their little project, naming it Project Sweet Peas. All children are such sweet peas during the stays, and often resemble little peas in a pod in their beds. Project Sweet Peas slowly grew to a nationwide network of parents who started their own projects to honor and memoralize their own Sweet Peas. Please visit Project Sweet Pea's web site and Facebook page!

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