Sunday, April 22, 2012

Look who's walking

I love watching children grow. Each stage brings a new set of exciting changes and every new word or deed, though often simple, never cease to impress. Ramsey is 15 months old. He now weighs 20 lbs. He loves to sing. His favorite song is "Ya ya ya, Ya ya ya". As his vocabulary grows, the lyrics do too. He is learning body parts. The first thing we taught him was nose, so he now grabs everybody's! He loves giving kisses...I think they are kisses although it feels more like he is trying to eat my face.

He has decided to let go of the furniture he clung to for the last three months and WALK!  I shot this video tonight. He was tired and angry; he wanted the video camera.  (Please disregard the mess in the background...those blankets, well that's Reed's "tent")


  1. Can't belive how big he is getting! :) It's great to see his progress...

  2. Lisa,
    Better tell Reed to look out!!! :)

  3. He is so cute, and so smart!!!! He sure is our MIRACLE FROM GOD!!!!!!!!