Saturday, April 14, 2012

"We will never be the same."

About a month ago, I took an ordinary trip to Walmart and found myself in tears, TWICE.  Yes, my readers- I have issues. First, I saw an adorable pregnant woman strolling along with her toddler in the shopping cart. They looked so happy, yet I couldn't help but she really happy? Is her baby OK or is she carrying the weight of some dreadful prenatal diagnosis? Seriously, I have issues. I know it's crazy to think that way, but I couldn't help but remember the mixture of joy and fear while I was pregnant, knowing my son might not survive.

Next, I made my way to the checkout. A couple in front of me had a cute 18 month old daughter. We got to talking and I learned that she was adopted. She was taken from her birth parents at several weeks of age after they beat her, fracturing her skull and covering her body with bruises. Enter the tears AGAIN. I became so enamored with the couple that to this day, I wish I had the opportunity to talk to them again.

The following day, I eagerly waited to meet my friend Liz and her family. I first met Liz at the Ronald McDonald House while her son Case was also being treated at Children's Hospital. Case was born just a few weeks before Ramsey. Liz and I made arrangements to meet on their way home from some outpatient appointments at Children's. We greeted one another tearfully, then laughed at ourselves. Liz commented, "We will never be the same."

Liz is right, we will never be the same. We are stronger. Wiser. We are blessed. And sometimes, we are a bit emotional too. It's comforting to know there are friends, like Liz who understand.

This week, we had the pleasure of meeting Liz, her husband Dan, and their son Case for dinner.  We had a great time! It is so exciting to celebrate the lives of our sons together.

Read Case's blog: A Very Special Case.


  1. Well written, my friend. So, guess what... I teared up while reading this. Ha! I have issues too.:)

  2. Joining you and Liz with the tears. I sooo get it, Lisa... the nostalgia when you see a pregnant woman, the attachment to others who know about baby's with difficult beginnings, the connection to other mamas who get it. Hugs to you, mama with issues, from another mama with issues. :)

    1. I knew you would understand and if you weren't so far away, I'd be meeting you and your family for dinner too :)