Monday, January 16, 2012

The Adventures of SUPERRAM!

Celebrating Ramsey's birthday was pure joy. We invited family and a few friends to our home to commemorate the big day.  In my heart, I wanted to invite everyone- our extended family, our friends, our new CDH "family", every nurse, doctor and contact we made from Latrobe to Pittsburgh and of course, everyone who reads this blog. Still, I knew it was best to hold back. Perhaps if it was summer, I might have given in, but it's January and it's germy.  In my heart, I know each of those people are celebrating with us as they have celebrated his success the whole year through!

Before I share some party pics, I need to backtrack to Thursday, his actual birthday. I woke up feeling incredibly anxious. I'd say I fell just short of a meltdown and I really couldn't explain why. Then my friend Liz (mom of Case), sent a text message. It said, "Do you feel extra emotional today ;)". Apparently, her NICU telepathy told her to reach out to me. She said she felt the same way on Case's birthday, and she "meant to warn me", but forgot. (Thanks Liz; I'll remember that - LOL). Liz and I decided that it's not just a fluke that we both had supercharged emotions on our child's first birthday. Yes we were, and are, incredibly happy to celebrate that first birthday but we couldn't help but feel a bit out of control. If you're a NICU mom anticipating your baby's big day, don't be surprised if you feel a little off! And don't say I didn't warn you :)

Now, back to the party details. Since Ramsey is so super, we celebrated with a superhero party. The pics say it all....Happy Birthday Ramsey!! We love you.
The Invitation

Cape Kits!

CDH superhero capes!

That doesn't look like oatmeal!
What do I do with this thing?

Ramsey desperately wanted to help decorate the capes

SuperDino borrowed Reed's cape

If I stick out my tongue, maybe I can fly!

Ramsey checks out the Ronald McDonald House donations


  1. Well written.:) He is so super! I love him and am so thankful for our friendship.

  2. What a beautiful day, and I had to miss it all.See you all soon. Love to all.

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a wonderful Superhero! He is truely super in every way.Thank you for sharing with us! All our love, The Alan Family