Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help Us Honor Ramsey

In Honor of Ramsey’s 1st Birthday, Help us Support the Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh.

Ramsey spent 61 days in the NICU following his birth on January 12, 2011.  Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House, we were able to be with him each of those 61 days. We had a place to call home. A place to share with our oldest son Reed when he was lucky enough to visit. We wish to honor Ramsey by helping others who call the Ronald McDonald House their temporary home.  Our goal? To create 61 welcome bags in 61 Days. 

Families facing the weight of a child's illness are often so busy taking care of their child; they forget to take care of themselves.  Some families arrive unexpectedly with just the clothes on their backs. We'd like to prepare packages to help other RMH families feel welcome and remind them there are people who care.   

If you would like to help us in honoring Ramsey, visit the page "Gift of Giving" for more details!


  1. What a really beautiful thing to do, Lisa. We were lucky enough to be 10 minutes away from our fabulous Children's Hospital for Samuel's hospital stay. But the beautiful new RMH was always there in the backdrop.

    Happy birthday, dear amazing Ramsey.
    Corinne (and Samuel)

  2. Lisa I hope Thousands contribute to the cause, it is such a wonderful way to honor Ramsey on his first birthday, and to help others.You are so amazing and we are so very proud of you.
    Love You,
    Gram Razza