Monday, January 9, 2012

Follow-Up at Children's

Ramsey had an awesome appointment today with his surgeon. His X-Ray looks much like the last one...there are no signs of herniation at the diaphragm! We discussed a plan to repair the hernia on his stomach (not to be mistaken with his birth defect). When Ramsey was born the hole in his diaphragm allowed his stomach and bowels to migrate into chest. After the repair of his diaphragm there wasn't quite enough room in his belly to accommodate them so a patch was used. This has resulted in a hernia. It bulges most of the time and is worse when he cries. Recently, his constipation has become an issue of concern. I tried my best to alter his diet, but that didn't work. I finally resorted to giving him MiraLAX and even that leaves him crying as he pushes. Once the hernia is repaired, we are hoping that he might be able to go more easily because the muscles in his stomach will become stronger and more symmetrical.

The plan is to return in the spring for another X-Ray and to schedule the surgery for June. We could do it now, but there are so many viruses this time of year, they don't want to risk him getting sick as he recovers from the surgery. The incision will be in the same spot as his previous one. There will likely be extra skin that the surgeon can pull taut and possibly clean up his scar a bit. Although, I have to say the scar already looks fabulous!

Three days until the big day!! Ramsey is turning ONE! Watch the blog for an announcement of our plans to honor him.

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  1. We know our angel will be OK. He is the cutest, happiest, little man I ever knew. He brings sunshine to all of us, even in our dark moments.Praise God for what he has done for him.