Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gift of Giving Update

It has only been one week since Ramsey's birthday and we are already receiving a great number of product donations and a few cash donations too!  See below for a rough count of the items we've received. Also, a couple new items were added. I will try to update the "Gift of Giving" page as donations come in.

If we are able to make more than 61 bags, then GREAT...we'll do it! If we end up with extras of certain items, we will donate those in addition to the gift bags. Also, if we have extra of certain items, we will give a couple per bag.

 Travel size products:
Deodorant -   Mens 6, Womens 10
    Shaving Cream Mens 8, Womens 4
Razors Mens 22, Womens 15
Soap/Body Wash 63
    Shampoo 30
Conditioner 8
Toothpaste 14
Toothbrushes 25
Body Lotion 31
Lip Balm 10 +61 more on the way!
Brush/Comb 7
Tissue Packs 36
Hand Sanitizer 13
Notebooks 5
Pens 45
Game/Puzzle Books 2
Disposable Cameras 0
Gum/Candy 9
Slipper Socks 0
Room Decorations 0
Cards 0
Dish Soap
Sponge or Dish Cloth
 Other donations we've received: 
Bath Poofs - 61 are on the way
 Hand Lotion 129
Nail Clippers
Shower Caps
Cleansing Towelettes
Hair Spray

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