Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ramsey!

Look how old I am- one finger!
It's hard to believe a year has passed. We are so thankful God's plan led us to this day...Happy First Birthday Ramsey. We are so proud of you! You've accomplished so much in one short year.

Ramsey's Top Twenty Achievements (because 10 was just not enough):
20.   Rolling over, both ways
19.   Improving an already perfect smile with 4 beautiful teeth
18.   Beating your first viruses
17.   Battling reflux
16.   Learning to crawl
15.   Pulling to stand, and "shuffling" along the table
14.   Babbling hints of words like mama, dada, and even santa
13.   Eating- first formula, then nursing, then moving on to solids
12.   Pooping
11.   Enduring the helmet which rounded out your head
10.   Surviving that first rough day and those that followed
9.     Waiting patiently to be held by mommy and daddy
8.     Avoiding ECMO
7.     Handling CDH surgery with flying colors
6.     Teaching others what really matters
5.     Melting our hearts
4.     Inspiring hope
3.     Smiling through it all
2.     Breathing
1.     Surviving

We're honoring Ramsey's birthday with a collection for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh. Want to help? Read more here.


  1. Happy Birthday Ramsey!!!!!

  2. This made me cry. God Bless Ramsey as he turns one and shows the world that Angels do indeed exist! XOXO Amy Cannon

  3. Oh it makes me cry too! Happy Birthday Ramsey or rather Dave's favorite name for him, Rambo. He likes that name because he said he is a fighter. And for sure, he has melted my heart!! xoxoxoxo Ramsey!

  4. Yay for Ramsey! I'm so excited for you all! One of my favorites is number 6.;) Love to you all it this ver special day!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. happy birthday - wow 1 year old! God bless. I'm a friend of the Gordy's in Maryland. Phyliss Mosca