Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Wishing my husband, Dennis, a Happy Birthday today...what a special and stressful day for a birthday celebration. Tonight, we'll head to West Penn to be induced at Midnight and sometime tomorrow we'll be welcoming Ramsey and celebrating his birthday as well as his pap's birthday.

Please pray for all involved in the upcoming days, weeks, months.  Especially pray for little Ramsey that he may handle the surgery and recovery and gain enough weight to be home with us soon. Also pray for the surgeons, and all medical staff that God will also be near them as they care for Ramsey. We don't know how long the road ahead is. Some CDH children are hospitalized for weeks, some months, and some even longer. Beyond his hospital stay there may be additional challenges and complications. I pray for continued strength and a positive attitude as we face whatever may lie ahead. May he stay true to his name's meaning and be a "strong soldier". We're rooting for him and can't wait to finally meet him!


  1. We will be remembering you and Ramsey in our prayers! I hope for an easy delivery and speedy recovery for Ramsey! I will looking forward to hearing from you.
    ~Beth Cole

  2. Praying also that you will remain strong in the Lord and trust Him no matter the struggles ahead. Praying for little Ramsey - his life has already touched so many people - what a blessing that his journey into the world begins already surrounded with much prayer. Thinking of you, your family, and remaining in ongoing prayer - Tracy ( and your prayer partners in Colorado!)

  3. Praying for strength for You and your family ! Praying that Ramsey will come in to this world and show everyone how strong he is !

    ~Christy Michel

  4. May God be with you and Bless you all! Nicole, Nathan, Sophia & Max Doherty