Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning

Everything is proceeding slow and steady. There have been minor ups and downs since the surgery but all in all, Ramsey is doing good. We had some concern over a miscommunication yesterday regarding the diaphragm. We were under the impression that because his diaphragm was so small and the repair was so large, that it could hinder his recovery. Fortunately, we were reassured that the patch will ensure that it functions properly. The only real concern with the patch might be a re-herniation, but that would be in the distant future and it could be a relatively easy fix compared to what he has already gone through.

They might attempt to switch him back to the conventional vent today. I hope he transitions well.


  1. We know that if it is needed... He will still be in God's hands. Thank God he is still doing well. Love to all, Aunt Veta

  2. Lisa and Dennis,

    You have more strength, patience, and faith than I could imagine. I'm sure Ramsey can feel your comforting presence. Continuing to pray for a restful period of strong recovery for your little fighter!