Sunday, January 16, 2011

Strength in Numbers

To date, 1,300 unique visitors have viewed this blog nearly 13,000 times! On Ramsey's birthday alone, the site was visited 2,000 times! Aside from the US, there have been visits from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia, Slovakia and Brazil! You can say what you want about the internet and social media, but I don't think anyone could deny the power it will have in Ramsey's recovery!!

These numbers.along with each comment or silent prayer that I know is associated with them is an IMMENSE comfort to Dennis and I. We look forward to hearing from our followers whose remarks encourage us like you would not believe. I wish I could personally hug each of you!


  1. There truly is something to be said about the miracle of the power of prayer in numbers. It warms my heart to know that so many people across the world are Rooting for Ramsey. We pray everyday for you guys and I read the updates as much as i can. Take Care LOve, Hugs and prayers
    Mommy of Kiernan LCDH Survivor

  2. Hey Razzas-
    I am so glad that you have the blog so that we can be updated too...without it, I am sure that we would not be able to keep up with all of the events and know what has been going on...unfortunately I cannot read it without crying yet! Reed looks so adorable and we know how much he loves babies!!! Wishing the best for all of you and praying for another good day! One day at a time!!
    Robin, Brian, Avery and Maddie

  3. We continue to pray for all of you. We had a special prayer for Ramsey this morning at church. So many from Kentucky and now some from Ohio will all continue to pray. There is strength in numbers!

    You have been an inspiration to us and several of my friends who have read your blogs. Your faith and strength are amazing.

    Loved the picture of the four of you.

    Marie and Keith (Lisa's cousin and husband in Kentucky)