Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Clearing

We went back up to Ramsey's room about 10 last night. They returned him to the more gentler, oscillating vent because he was working too hard on the conventional vent.

We saw another new X-Ray and tallked to the doctor regarding it. He also says the Left lung is small. (I guess my untrained eye thinks it's bigger than it really is!) We had the impression that it could grow to a full-size lung, but he said it will never be full size. It CAN grow with Ramsey, and develop additional air pockets. Even if it contributes 3-4 %, that is better than nothing. Also, the fact that the Right lung is doing so well is encouraging.

Seeing the switched vent, and learning we were mistaken abougt the potential for full lung growth was a bit of a surprise. However, we are still psyched about how well he handled the surgery and thankful that he is currently on encouraging levels of support.

We are not out of the woods yet, but I think we can finally see the clearing!


  1. Lisa and Dennis...continuing to pray for you guys and Ramsey....I am so happy that prayers have been answered and God will continue to bless this strong little baby with much more encouraging news...Norm

  2. These babies will never be marathon runners - but many people are not marathon runners. CDH children do not have "normal" lungs but normal is over rated sometimes.

    Keep the positive attitude - we will supply the thoughts and prayers and Lung Function chants. It isn't the size of the lung - it is the FUNCTION! Go Ramsey!