Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peace and Penthouses

Ramsey decided that he just wanted to be left alone today! He had three instances where he was irritated and needed his dopamine increased. Finally they just closed his door and put up a sign saying "Quiet Please, Resting". Dennis is with him now and says he is doing good. I am exhausted and just want to update this before heading to bed.

Reed is staying here again tonight. We were worried that he would need to burn some energy until we discovered the Ronald McDonald Penthhouse upstairs. We weren't sure where my parents took him until Dennis discovered them there, playing with volunteers; they made cookies, did crafts and played in the toyroom. There are computers for the adults, a huge kitchen, dining area, and living areas with fireplaces. You can find other children there and famiiles that have some incredible and heartbreaking stories. There were families of several young transplant patients. One of these families is from Egypt and have lived at RMH for a year. The longest anyone has stayed there is 3 years! The average transplant patient has a hospital stay of 18 months. Some people are lucky enough to be there with the support of families, while others have to stay there all alone.

Tonight, dinner was sponsored by a Calvary Chapel free to anyone staying at RMH. Almost every night this week, meals are prepared by generous donors. Also this evening was acoustic music and free massages by John F. Smith. My mom and I both enjoyed the massage. She thinks it would be nice to have a pedicure next - lol. It is nice to know there is a place to go to relax, talk with others and just get away from the hospital environment for awhile.

Dennis thinks they might do the surgery tomorrow. I guess we won't know for sure until the last minute. I'll keep you posted. Good night.

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  1. Lisa, Dennis, and Reed,

    Prayers and strength coming from Gbg. Sending all the support we can to you!

    Best, Maren, Michael, Ben & Alex (Mom's group)