Thursday, January 27, 2011

2,600 People!

On the 16th, I posted that the blog had 1,300 unique, just 10 days later, there are nearly 2,600 unique visitors!! That's not including the people who don't visit the blog but use the Facebook page instead. Those numbers, coupled with prayers are the reason why Ramsey is doing so well!!

I just love how excited the nurses are when they see how great he looks and how well he is doing :) Everyone thinks he is doing PHENOMENAL!

They didn't start the feeding him milk today, they'll probably do that tomorrow.

It's time to head for dinner now. I'm surprised that Ramsey is sleeping; the last two days he was alert right when I was ready to go eat, then of course I couldn't leave!


  1. So Glad to hear that your support is forever getting stronger. With that and the power of prayer Ramsey's got a team as GREAT and Powerful as our STEELERS :-)

    Continuing to send my support and prayers.
    Debby Zello

  2. So glad to be one of the 2600!

    Paige Lincoln - No St. Paul MN

  3. Glad to know I'm one of 2600 too! The power of prayers.

  4. hey lisa -- he's already playin you, just a typical kid :)LOL

  5. THANK GOD he is doing great and getting stronger everyday. PRAYERS will contiue in Arkansas.

  6. Lisa - Thrilled to hear about Ramsey's great day. Just seeing him in your arms brought tears to my eyes! You were absolutely glowing! Hopefully I will see you over the weekend!
    Lots of Love,
    Aunt Donna