Saturday, January 15, 2011

A shout out to CHP and Ronald

My first day with Ramsey at Children's Hospital, Pittsburgh, (CHP) was good overall. Ramsey looks so sweet, calm and precious. The sedatives keep him pretty still, but he wiggled his little foot every now and then and I've heard he has opened his eyes quickly a few times! I was so relieved to finally see him again, and for him to hear my voice. I touched him a little but not quite as much as that first day. I've heard being touched sometimes upsets him, so I'll have to wait. I just want to scoop him right up and hold him, but that too will take time.

There was another scare around 4, but based on Dennis's warning, I somehow knew to stay calm and accept that it is just one of many temporary fears. It took some testing and an eventual blood transfusion, but everything turned out well. They don't do much at night, so we left him around 10:00 feeling he would have and uneventful night.

We are staying at the Ronald McDonald House. It's a wonderful little place that sleeps four, has a kitchenette, bathroom, sofa bed, TV, etc. There are public facilities for lounging, a playroom, and free laundry facilities. Next time you're at Micky D's, throw some extra in their donation holders; it's such a wonderful service they provide and it only costs 15/day for as long as we need it. For now, we will use it and maybe eventually we'll take turns heading back and forth to visit. But now, we need to be here, and I need to recover from the C-section. Luckily, Dennis chose to stay here tonight, instead of the baby's room where he spent the last two nights. Hope he feels well rested today. After feeling so overhwlemed today with all the information thrown at us, I give Dennis even more credit for how well he explained things to me when I couldn't be there the first two days. The staff at CHP is wonderful!!! Everything is explained multiple times by so many people...maybe eventually I'll understand what they are saying- lol.

One more thing, then I need to get back to bed myself!  I was approached and had the chance to discuss the events of Ramsey's arrival, including our disapointment with how our options were presented to us by one of their team members. I talked with the individual and hope I was able to properly explain myself, and  my reason for being upset. What matters most is that Ramsey is still fighting so I hope everyone involved can let go of the hurt and focus on the care he is given now. As one of the staff said, we are a team, Dennis and I included. I know as a team, we ALL hope for Ramsey's survival and I pray that we can move forward with a shared sense of determination, and most of all, an environment of positive energy and prayers for our little guy.

All in all, it was a good first day. I won't lie, it was all overhwhelming, and I still can't believe any of this is real. I had my moment to cry, pity myself and to feel outright pain because I had to wait for my prescriptions to be filled, long after I should have taken my pain killers. However, I feel much better now and I'm anxious to see what Sat. brings.

Rounds are at 8:00 am. I hope I can make it there to hear the plan for the day, but I intend to let Dennis sleep, and I can't walk that far yet by myself. I'm at his mercies in my wheelchair - lol. If we arrive after the rounds, the nurse will update us and I will try to let everyone know what's going on, even if it's a short update by phone.


  1. Thanks for the update Lisa. You and Dennis get some much needed rest. God be with you both. Take care.

  2. Lisa... I am a friend of Tricia Thomas' and I have been following your blog after she asked for prayer for you and Ramsey the day before your delivery. Your story has certainly been heart-wrenching and I want you to know that you are both in my prayers. After having a c-section myself 9 months ago for my second child also, I know how difficult the recovery is, and am amazed at what you have been able to do this early on... I can imagine, very much driven by your love and determination for Ramsey. I will pray for you, as I know how hard the recovery is... Sometimes people forget it's major surgery. Your little boy is beautiful! My heart breaks as I read your daily accounts, but am thankful to hear that he's such a fighter and that he seems to be moving in the right direction. Stay positive as you are! I will keep you ALL in my prayers!

    Jodie Erickson
    Irwin, PA

  3. Thanks Lisa, for your updates and your constant faith. We all love you and are praying for strength and courage to face each challenge and especially for your handsome little boy, Ramsey. You are blessed to have a wonderful family to support you and care for little Reed and I know one day he too will understand all of this. In the meantime, we are praying for little Ramsey and that one day he'll be able to go home and grow up to be a great kid. Love and prayers always.

  4. Awe well all of our prayers are with you guys! we think about it everyday! I get on here and read your new posts every hour :) He will be doing well soon!
    -love your neighbor Hunter :) <3

  5. Lisa, we are so glad you finally get to be with little Ramsey. He is precious. We keep you all in our prayers everyday and we send Lots of Love and more prayers your way.
    Rachael and Mike

  6. They really are great at CHP. When Marcie and I were there with Alea, they made us feel good about going and getting some rest. They constantly told us there was nothing wrong with us going to get one night of good sleep because Alea needed us to be strong. You guys are doing great and the updates are nice to read. Our prayers are with all of you.

    Chad and Marcie Bender

  7. Many prayers to Ramsey and to you, Dennis and Reed. May each day bring more strength to your little guy. Many people are prayer for him. Children's is an amazing place, he is in good hands. He is a beautiful little guy! Love, The Bauer's

  8. Please know what I am thinking of you. I have been exactly where you are and it's very hard. I also had a c-section and my precious baby girl(Kylie) had CDH. Just be strong, pray and make decisions that you feel is right. God lets everything happen for a reason and it does make you stronger.


  9. Praying for you ALL! What a handsome boy! Rest in the assurance that many are praying and holding you close each moment of the day. GOD CAN DO ALL THING FOR THOSE WHO TRUST IN HIM. Can't wait to read that Ramsey is coming home! We love you :-)

  10. Just started following your blog... praying lots for your little fighter!